AboutLouise Presley

I'm called Louise, which traditionally is a middle name. I am a middle child. I was born in the middle of the day, in the middle of the year, the middle of a decade. That makes me a Gemini. Not that I place any store on that but I am excited by opposites.

I make sense of the future by gathering the past. Responding to found garments, textiles and ephemera I reappoint or purposefully restore them so that they can continue their journey. I'm embarrassing sentimentality but brutal in the pursuit of progress. Meaning and purpose sit at either end of my see saw.

Past Work

It was always my intention to make off- garments that were beautiful, rare and soulful. Somehow I got diverted off this path and made everything in between. Mind you, it's been a glorious journey.

Work in Progress

Over the last few years I have been organising and understanding what I have. Returning to my fashion roots and it is hoped that a new collection of garments will be launched at a private event.

Clients & Commissions

It's a varied life. Most days you'll find me busy in the studio, but I get up to all sorts - from taking my sewing machines to the middle of a field for eager children to try, to exploring the archives at Boots HQ as part of a heritage quilt project. It's a joy to have worked with so many individuals, galleries, communities and businesses.

Boots Projects

Brother Partnership

In 2013 Brother Sewing Machines UK offered their support and sponsorship, which materialised into eight fantastic new machines that are always ready for action. In return for this generosity, I make work for sharing with their creative teams, customers and press. Follow the link to download some of the latest projects. http://www.brothersewing.co.uk/en_GB/projects

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