A Hope & Elvis day is a great experience set in an large inspirational studio full of warmth, materials and great food. You will receive a friendly welcome, expert guidance from artist amd makers of the highest order and have time, materials and space to explore your creativity. If you are coming far please let me know if you need any help with local places to stay to make a relaxed weekend away.

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*Workshops 10am - 4pm unless specified*

Festive Garlands. Julia Jowett. 17th December.

Julia Jowett explores the importance of storytelling and imagination. Working illustratively with wire, traditional hand stitch and print techniques Julia harnesses instinctive feelings and traditional craft processes to create considered folkloric mixed media narratives.

Inspired by winter berries and mistletoe leaves we will combine together wire and hand stitch, paint and metal gauze to create an enchantingly beautiful piece of decorative magic - an embroidered festive garland. Pin above the mantelpiece, give as a gift or let it nestle between the branches of your Christmas tree. £75 inc lunch 10-4pm

Festive Garlands
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NEW FOR 2018

Jo Waterhouse. 20th January

Collage and Composition.

Jo is a collage artist. She likes to make images of things that are folky with just a touch of mundane thrown in: think Morris dancers and bungalows. She exhibits widely and has pieces in many important collections including the V&A; she is represented by The New Craftsmen of Mayfair. She and runs the stationery company with her card designs cards sold at Turner Contemporary and National Galleries of Scotland.

Exploring collage as a medium she will help you understand composition and creating visual balance. There will be a good mix of activities, discussions and solo working. She will share her working methods and here are her exciting thoughts;

“I was thinking maybe we could monoprint some sheets of textures and mark-making in the morning, let it dry after lunch then work on some collages in the afternoon - with lots of talk about composition and ways of working. The lovely twist I'd like to add for the monoprinting is that maybe we could all work off one huge inked up surface! What do you think? You can ink formica table tops easily enough or we could get a massive bit of perspex: it's just a lovely thing to do as a group. We could also make paste papers both things have the potential to be messy, hope that's ok with you! £75 inc lunch & materials 10-4pm

New Night Classes:

Still Life Drawing with Artist Julian Bray

24th, 31st January. 7th, 14th February 6-9pm

This four week course is specially designed to give you a comfortable lead into drawing. Using still life compositions you will explore basic concepts in form, structure and proportion.Whilst that might sound scary or even boring we can promise you it will be anything other! Suitable for all abilities enthusiasm is all you need. All equipment and materials included.  £80.00 6-9pm inc materials

Life Drawing with Artist Julian Bray

21st, 28th February . 7th, 14th, 21st,  28th March

Julian’s 6-week life drawing classes will gently guide you through the process of life drawing. Using a mixture of quick and longer poses you will explore form, composition, line and tone. Julian’s specially designed classes will help you explore your creativity irrespective of if you are a complete beginner or would like to introduce another dimension to your own creative identity. £120  6-9pm inc materials 

Mending with Celia Pym. 24th or 25th February 

Celia Pym is an exhibiting artist living and was shortlisted for the inaugural Loewe Craft Prize, COAM, Madrid and touring and Woman’s Hour Craft Prize in 2017. She is currently a visiting lecturer in Textiles at the RCA.  She has been exploring mending since 2007 with extensive experience of small everyday holes, at heels, elbows, in pockets as well as working on more dramatic damage, from water damage, animal nesting and moths issues. Celia’s interests are around the evidence of damage, through repair you look closely at where garments and cloth have got worn down and thin. In clothing this wearing is often to do with use and how the body moves. Celia says “she likes that darning is often small acts of care and paying attention to where things fray and wear. 
Mending is a 2 day workshop that explores textile repair, how you do it and why you do it. You will learn about and develop skills in woven and ‘knitted’ darning, Boro and patching. There will also be an opportunity to work on repairing any garments that you own and that have holes. Day 1 will cover darning, working on sweaters and socks and day 2 will cover patching, working on sheets and shirts. Please bring along any damaged items that you would like to discuss repair options for. Darning materials will be provided and will suit all abilities. So join us for either a day or a 2 day full experience. *Photo credits Michele Panzeri and Sophie Robehmed. £75 inc lunch.

Day One: Knit & Darning


Day Two: Fabric Mending

Janine Pope. Drawn to Stitch. 10th March

Janine Pope is a textile artist whose work is about imagination, memories and childhood narratives. She is a great observer of the ordinary and draws on life in particular places; Denmark, the South West and Norfolk. Working in a palette that reflects the muted colours and tones of her Danish heritage she uses natural and vintage cottons, linens and particularly beautiful worn patchwork to create soft sculpture characters and fabric pictures.  Her work is expressive and she captures people out and about contemplating the unknown faces and their life journeys.

On this workshop you will learn some of the techniques Janine uses to draw, write and appliqué onto fabric. Bring sketches or photographs to help you capture the spirit of a special moment, person or pet and Janine will help you to draw, particularly people, to make a personal stitched picture.  Her drawing and sewing style is very relaxed and quickly you will be able to achieve a lot. You can also experiment with some hand embellishing and embroidery whilst keeping to a Scandinavian colour palette. £75 inc lunch & materials 10-4pm

Sue Brown. Gum Arabic Transfer & Mixed Media Sketchbooks. 14th & 15th April  

Sue Brown is an artist who uses printmaking to tell stories. Inspired by process as much as nature, her work springs from the pages of sketchbooks, and she develops carefully researched themes, experimenting with collagraph, mono print and gum arabic transfer.
Last years workshop was so well received that we have extended the opportunity over two days so that you can fully explore mixed media techniques that will stimulate your creative self.  
If you are thinking, “I don’t know what is my creative self” then this is the perfect chance to find out.  A sketchbook can be scary so spend 2 days learning stimulating and creative techniques to get over the fear of the blank page. You may wish to develop starting points for new projects or just spend the weekend playing with materials and techniques. Sue is a great teacher and very well equipped to lead you through the possibilities of mediums including Gum Arabic transfer.  This new process has the versatility to make prints from old photographic images and text that can be applied to cloth or paper. Using and the humble black-and-white photocopy as your ‘plate’, you can make prints of photographic images. Together with a variety of mixed media techniques using ink, oil pastel, bleach and acrylic you will learn how to create personal sketchbook pages and artist books. £150 two days inc buffet lunch & materials. 10-4pm

Peas & Needles LoomWeaving/Macrame/Natural Dyes     

We spotted Lucy’s work on Instagram and were bowled over by her contemporary take on weaving. Her use of colour and rich textures make her work unique. Born without a sense of smell Lucy believes her awareness of complimentary colour has been heightened to compensate.  We have designed this weekend to cover all of her making skills from weaving, macramé to natural dyeing. Independent days but they do compliment themselves well to make a weekend of it.

Loom Weaving 28th April

Using a handcrafted lap loom Lucy will firstly guide you through material and tools before moving on to demonstrating warping up, rya knots (tassels) and tabby weave. Once you have that mastered Lucy will introduce lots of techniques including soumak weaving with roving, loops and how to create different textures and also finishing techniques. You will also explore colour, composition and texture to create a beautiful piece of weaving that can be hung and admired.  £90 inc lunch and materials and lap loom to take home.

Macrame Hanger & Natural Dyes 29th April

Gone are the days of macramé in the 1970’s, this beautiful textural art of knotting is experiencing a contemporary revival. The possibilities are endless but the project of the day will be to create a plant or potholder that covers the basic knots. There may chance to make a double hanger but you will definitely be able to incorporate beads and copper pipe into your work if you choose. Later in the day Lucy will teach you about the natural dyeing process and how to develop an array of colour swatches from seasonal dye plants.  £75 inc lunch 10-4pm

The Makings of Mrs Bertimus. 5th or 6th May

Mrs Bertimus is an outstanding fine art tutor and professional artist. She has a wealth of experience and a personality to match, lighting up any room she walks into.  Over the last year she has developed a new body of work that celebrates pencil and paper, which has resulted in a wonderful array of characters emerging.  Super generous Mrs B is sharing these new techniques for the first time and you could not be in better hands if you are looking to improve your creative skills and confidence.

Mrs Bracken, Miss Briar and Other Friends, Drawing and collaging with vintage papers.

French papers, hand written scripts and vintage papers have been the inspiration for Mrs B’s new work and we are delighted to give our collection over for use in this workshop. The intent of the day will be to create an animal character using vintage papers, scrips and scraps
and a little bit of drawing. Mrs B will provide tips on techniques, templates and designs, and is suitable for all levels of drawing experience. You can dress your creature up to the nines
if you wish. A full of play and merry snipping! Full. Please email Mrs Bertimus Waiting List if you wish to be added to the waiting list.

Madame Gris and Monsieur Le Dandy, Collaging with painted papers.

Guided by Mr’s B comprehensive mixed media knowledge you will prepare painted papers and make a collaged character. This is suitable for all levels of drawing experience, you can make your own hare or fox using the templates provided by Mrs Bertimus, or you can make your own creature of choice. A day full of creative fun, you could even fashion a rather fetching outfit for your animal friend! £75 inc lunch, cake & materials. 10-4pm

Mandy Pattullo

Mandy Patullo treasures the old and worn. She refashions, re-cycles and reuses very old and often disintegrating quilts into textile collages and garments, usually embellishing with simple embroidery and traditional appliqué. We are one of her favourite places to visit and as such given us three days of her time.

Seed Heads Friday 18th May

As autumn arrives our flowers and weeds go to seed, producing beautiful seed pods, skeletal forms and silhouettes. Celebrate this change in the garden with a workshop that refers to the work of print maker Angie Lewin and other artists who have used a subtle colour palettes and line to create nature compositions. You will work on to an old piece of quilt with a fairly loose appliqué, to give some body to your shapes, which will be embroidered with a series of stitches, which reflect the forms of nature and concentrate on linear expression. £75.00 inc lunch & materials 10-4pm

Folk Art Appliqué Saturday 19th May

Mandy is inspired by the naivety and simplicity of folk art design, particularly early American appliquéd quilts which were often about life on the homestead. Working on to a very precious piece of quilt you will learn to work up a design and appliqué based on a folk art design. Mandy will provide you with plenty of motifs and ideas to choose from including hearts and flowers, birds in bushes, log cabins and folksy houses, domestic animals. You will enjoy further decorating your piece with embroidery stitches to create your own contemporary folk art inspired heirloom piece. £75.00 inc lunch & materials 10-4pm

Sea and Shore Birds Sunday 20th May

Hope and Elvis may be far from the sea side but you can create a piece of work which reflects your memories of the changing colours of the sea and shore and place a favourite bird on your beach! In this workshop you will initially create a background and then use Mandy’s textile collage and hand stitching techniques to work up a portrait of a favourite coastal or salt marsh bird such as a seagull, kittiwake, tern, sanderling, oyster catcher, heron. Bring a bird identification book with you and don’t worry if you can’t draw as templates will be provided or can be constructed on the day. Full Please email Sea & Shore Birds Waiting list if you wish to be added to the waiting list.

Leah Halliday. Pattern Cutting & Dressmaking 2nd & 3rd June. Make an A-Line Skirt

Leah is a professionally trained fashion designer with a serious love of pattern cutting, vintage style and many years of experience in sewing and dressmaking. Her eye for detail, knowledge of couture finishing combined with her experience as a sewing tutor and fashion lecturer makes Leah the perfect person to help you master pattern cutting basics and dressmaking skills.

We all need an A-line skirt, it’s flattering skirt shape and the perfect pattern for the beginner dressmaker. On this two day workshop you'll be introduced to pattern cutting terminology, equipment and essential methods needed to create patterns. You'll sew a toile from your initial draft pattern then learn to transfer adjustments to your pattern pieces then you will be guided step by step to produce a pattern. On day two you you’ll learn how to lay pattern pieces correctly onto the fabric and dressmaking skills from seam finishes, facings, interfacing, under/top stitching, sewing an invisible zip, over locking, hems and hand finishing. You can also make simple pattern adjustments to your skirt dress pattern. We will provide a pattern for you and you bring along some fabric and notions of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: Pattern cutting involves some basic maths and you will need to have some sewing machine skills. £150 10-4pm Buffet Lunch

Jessie Chorley 9th or 10th June

Jessie is returning to Hope and Elvis in 2018 with two embroidery and appliqué workshops. She will show you how she uses her needle and favourite threads as her drawing tools to both illustrate with and also to incorporate and secure found items of interest. Collecting items to incorporate into her work is a large part of her practice and the Sunday workshop she will focus on her passion for collecting vintage children’s and dolls clothes and she will help you to create an art piece using such items.

Blanket & Quilt Stories. 9th June

The focus of this workshop is to make a piece inspired by Jessie's style that celebrates her love of both embroidery and appliqué. Working on vintage quilts and blankets Jessie will be demonstrating embroidered text, using couching stitch and backstitch as well as filling in larger areas using her signature fine running stitch. You will also be provided and able to work directly into some of Jessie’s hand cut lino print illustration using Jessie's personal collection of embroidery threads. Jessie will also cover finishing and backing piece's so they are ready to be hung in your own home once completed. £75.00 inc lunch & materials 10-4pm

Embroidered Story Garments. 10th June

A free style workshop that will enable you to create an art piece inspired by Jessie's work with the found garment. Working directly onto clothing with fine embroidery you will create simple narratives and scenes by hand stitching and appliqué as a form of drawing. Jessie will help you consider composition and meaning as well as demonstrating her unique stitch techniques. You are advised to bring an item of children’s or dolls clothing, but please note Jessie will also have a good selection of vintage dolls and children’s clothes for sale on the day at the start of this workshop. £75 lunch & materials 10-4pm

Claire Wellesley Smith, Slow Colour and Stitch 7th and 8th July 2018

Claire Wellesley-Smith is a textile artist educator specialising in projects that use local, natural colour, created from home-grown and locally foraged plants. Using traditional techniques her work explores the relationships between craft, health and the natural environment.   

This two day site-specific workshop will use the landscape around the Hope & Elvis studio as inspiration for textile-based work. It will begin with a walk from the studio observe marks and mending in the landscape and built environment. Using found marks to inspire simple mordant prints, local dyes collected around the studio, piecing and hand stitch we will explore ideas that evoke a quality or sense of place informed by this unique location. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience and will include time spent both inside and outside the studio. £150.00 inc lunch and materials. 10-4pm

Richard McVetis. Contemporary Embroidery 22nd September 

We are delighted to welcome back Richard McVetis who is an artist-maker, known for his meticulously embroidered drawings and objects. Richard studied at Embroidery at Manchester School of Art and Textiles at The Royal College of Art.   This is an opportunity to explore the enormous scope of stitches, create fascinating textures and patterns, work a stitch in different threads changing its scale and spacing, work freely, and combine stitches to mark make and draw. This s an experimental approach to stitch and draws on the imagination of each participant and the aim is to develop traditional hand embroidery skills, to translate your own your thoughts and inspiration into stitch to develop an understanding of embroidery as a contemporary art medium. Richard will be on hand to guide and inspire you through the workshop drawing on his ten years of stitching experience. This is also a chance to unwind, slow down and experience the benefits of this craft process.£75.00 inc lunch & materials 10-4pm

Further workshops to be released: Liz Cooksey, Lisa Stickley, Marna Lunt. Emily Jo Gibbs

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